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Award Knives for Display

Oregon Knife Collectors Association

Oregon Knife Show Display Award Knives 2019

The display award knives are special awards given for the best displays at the Oregon Knife Show. The blade blanks were made from a pattern by Gene Martin. The theme is the Nordic Seax knife. This pattern was decided on as something different to try and indeed it is.

The steel used is 1095. Gene Martin is orchestrating this event and oversaw the laser cutting of the blanks. http://www.customknife.com/

The displays at the April 2023 Show are museum quality displays and deserve the finest of awards for their efforts.

It is planned to judge the award knives that are being donated to this event.

The Knives

Ray Richard Knives

Ray Richard  – Gresham Oregon

Ray was inspired to make this Bowie after he searched around his shop looking for handle ideas. He done did good. Ray is located at table J09.

Provision Forge

Gene Martin – Williams Oregon

The California Bowie that Gene created from the 1095 steel blank is adorned with a nickel silver guard. The handle is black jade. Creating a handle out of stone is an arduous task. The jade is from the Applegate Valley in Oregon. Gene is at table Q10.

Ooak Forge

Harlan Whitman – Portland Oregon

Click here to read what Harlan had to say about this project. Harlan can be found at table G07 at the Oregon Show in April.

David Kurt Knives

David Kurt – Molalla Oregon

David has cold blued the 1095 blade and used a peined copper guard. The handle is dyed and stabilized maple with copper and micarta pins using a micarta liner. Look for David at table I07.

Blair Todd

Gresham, Oregon

Blair has taken the 1095 steel blade and developed a beautiful hamon on it. The guard and frame are wrought iron and the handle is African Blackwood and bone. There are two replica trade coins used as a pommel. Blair is tabled at location S07.

Chuck Cook Scout Knives

Chuck Cook –  Dundee Oregon

This high polish blade has a handle of stabilized maple, white tail antler, leather and brass. Chuck is located at table D03.

Griffin Made Knives

Gary Griffin – Bend Oregon

As a tribute to Wayne Goddard, Gary took the stag and cocobolo wood that he received from Wayne in 2013. The stag has been taken down to the white and treated to resemble vintage aged bone. The blade has a differential heat treating showing a hamon. The guard, pins and pommel are nickel which were sculpted freehand. You can find Gary at table DO4.

Theo Eichorn

Grants Pass Oregon

The knife Theo did is a brightly finished blade with a brirch bark handle. The guard and pommel are in high polished brass. The inlay depicting the OKCA and 2019 is brass. Theo is located at table K06.

Cameron House

Salem Oregon

Cameron has again maintained his skill with this Bowie pattern knife. The handle is a beautiful cut of sambar stag. The blade has been finished in 400/600 grit hand rub. The guard and pins are nickel silver. Cameron is located at table F09.

Jim Jordan

Junction City Oregon

This knife sports an ebony handle with sterling silver, copper and brass details. There are guitar purling inlays on the sides. Jim is located at Table A15

Michael Faber Knives

Michael Faber – Reno Nevada

Michael has created a bowie representaion with stabilized California redwood burl scales. The accessories are 416 stainless steel internally pinned bolsters along with sterling silver and fileworked copper liners. The blade has a 600 grit hand-rubbed finish.

Michael Tyre

Wickenburg Arizona

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