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Competition Knife Judging

The following rules are in effect for the 2024 Oregon Knife Show Handmade Knife Competition.

The categories for the custom knife competition are :

1) Knives can be submitted and accepted only from table-holders at the 2024 OKCA Show. The exceptions are the New Maker category. A “New Maker” is one who has been making knives for less than 2 years and cannot have entered a knife in an OKCA competition previously. If these two requirements are not met, they will be entered into the general categories.

2) The maker must personally submit the knife and identify himself as the maker of the submitted knife.

3) The Oregon Knife Collectors shall not be held liable in any way for the submitted knife after it has been turned over to the Oregon Knife Collectors Association.

4) If there is a question by the judges as to the class/division/category into which the knife is submitted for judging, that knife may be ineligible for that class/division/category. The judges, at their discretion, may change that knife to a more suitable category.

5) The submitted knife must have been made after April 15, 2023 and never previously received an award to be eligible for competition.

6) Knives submitted will have their marks covered and will be numbered. Cover material will be provided if you do not have any. You will be asked to cover your mark on your own knife. This must be done before you submit it for judging.

7) Awards will be announced Friday afternoon about 5:00PM. Winners knives will be kept for display until 6:00PM. All other knives will be returned after judging is completed. The winners will also be announced at the Saturday Night Awards Presentation.

8) The submitted knives must be 88% made by the knife-maker who submits the knife for judging. Disclosure of the other 12% must be noted.

9) Damascus knives can be placed in any category, except hand forged. A knife can only be entered into one category.

10) There must be at least three knives, or submittals, in a category before that category will be eligible for an award.

11) Knives for the Custom Knife Competition will be accepted in Meeting Room #3 during the hours of 1:00PM to 2:00PM Friday – April 12, 2024. The cut off time will be 2:00 sharp, if you get the point.

Any violation of these rules will make the knife and the maker ineligible for awards.

Any infraction identified after the awarding will result in forfeiture of the award. It will be the responsibility of the knifemaker to abide by these rules. The Show Chairman shall be the absolute decision maker on any conflicts or questions should it become necessary.


How many knives can I enter?

One per category.

Who are the judges?

We aren’t telling. It’s hard enough to get people to leave their table for an hour or so on Friday without making them justify their decisions. I will say that we have three judges: one local, one a maker and one a collector. They are all highly qualified, and we couldn’t have the contest without them.

What time do I enter?

1:00PM – 2:00PM on Friday, April 12, 2024.

What time do I get my knife back?

After the judging is completed, there will be an announcement. We ask that you pick them up as soon as possible. The only exception: If you win, then we will keep them long enough to take pictures and display them.

I’m undecided about which category to enter.

judges can change the knife to another category if, in their opinion, it’s better suited to a different category.

What about disclosure?

We are judging knives that were carried from concept through finished product by one person. We realize that this isn’t always possible, but we also expect you to tell us what you did not do to the knife. We do not want a knife made by committee.

What about cheating?

We work on the honor system. If you cheat, your fellow makers will know; and you will know.

In the event of a question not answered, the Show Chairman will be the last word.

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